Hank Cramer - The Shantyman

Hank Cramer - The Shantyman

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Hank Cramer does it again with his album, The Shantyman. A compilation of our favorite sea shanties, maritime ballads and nautical tunes. A shantyman refers to the character who led worksongs aboard tall ships in the age of sail. He didn't need a lovely voice (though Hank certainly could have fooled us!), as the songs weren't solely for entertainment. They were meant to keep the crew in time as they worked the halyards, sheets, braces, capstan, windlass and pumps. Give this album a listen, and we bet that it'll also inspire you to tap your toes or even get dancing a bit.


Track List

1. Men of the Sea

2. One More Day

3. Rolling and Flowing / Sandy River Belle

4. Santy Anno

5. Sail Away 

6. Cape Cod Girls

7. Mary Anne

8. The Greenland Whale Fishery

9. Shenandoah - Instrumental (feat. John Weeks)

10. Mingulay Boat Song

11. Roll Down

12. Pay Me My Money Down

13. The Leaving of Liverpool

14. New York Girls

15. Roll, Alabama, Roll

16. Leave Her, Johnny



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