The Greatest Captain In The World

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An exciting, funny, and refreshingly different children's book written by a real tallship captain, and a master storyteller.


The Greatest Captain in the World combines the brilliant and creative story telling of Joel Rudd, the natural gift for words and rhyme of Johann Steinke, and the artful and professional illustrations of Andy Catling. Together, they have created a children's book that is not only special, fun and educational, but incredibly unique.

If you like pirates, sailing and adventure, then you need to read The Greatest Captain in the World. An illustrated children's book about two kids who head down to the dock and hear tall tales from the crew of the Greatest Captain in the World. Join the crew and captain as they face off against giant waves, storms and more! Written by a real-life tall ship captain, with stories created by a master storyteller, this will be a truly unique experience to help inspire the inner sailor, explorer, and adventurer in all of us.



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